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Did you get charged with a federal drug paraphernalia crime?

It's hard to imagine, but even the most seemingly innocuous items could lead to a federal drug paraphernalia charge if police find you in possession of them at the time of a drug-related arrest. For example, a box of small plastic baggies would be perfectly innocent in any other context, but if police find you in possession of a large bag of cocaine, they may assume that you're going to use the baggies to traffic and sell the drug.

What kinds of addiction treatments are available?

If you have been struggling with addiction, you likely want to get out of the vicious cycle that is plaguing your life. And your family and friends may be imploring you to get help as well. But sometimes it takes a real wake-up call to motivate an addict to get the help that he or she needs. And certainly, being arrested on drug charges can be a real wake-up call that tells you it is time to make drastic changes.

Making sense of drug possession laws

Depending on who you ask, the so-called war on drugs has been either ineffective or a complete disaster. Indeed, attitudes about drugs seem to be changing in the country with medical marijuana becoming the norm and recreational pot find support in several states. However, drug possession charges can be complicated in that they can be governed and prosecuted at both the state and the federal level. Laws and the ways they're enforced can vary from one state to another also, which makes defending yourself against charges even more confusing.

What to do if you're charged with marijuana possession

Laws prohibiting the possession, sale and cultivation of marijuana have been repealed or changed in many states. This leads people to falsely believe that marijuana offenses are no longer a big deal. After all, it's legal in a half dozen states and decriminalized in a few others. However, law enforcement in the Waukesha area still take marijuana offenses very seriously. If you or someone you love has been charged with marijuana possession, it's critical that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to minimize the impact of these charges.

How do attorneys deal with drug possession charges?

Drug possession charges are difficult to deal with and might lead to severe punishment if you are found guilty. It is important to have the right defense strategy to help you overcome the charges. Attorneys use different defense mechanisms when defending their clients against possession charges.

Increasing use of facial recognition technology in law enforcement raises concerns, P.2

Previously, we began looking at the topic of facial recognition technology and its increasing use in law enforcement. As we noted, the technology is used here in Florida. As the Georgetown report we mentioned last time makes clear, there are concerns with the use of the technology. For one thing, police have easy access to photo databases and often aren’t monitored to ensure there is no abuse.

Increasing use of facial recognition technology in law enforcement raises concerns, P.1

An important issue to explore in any criminal defense case is whether law enforcement did their job properly, whether they followed the rules, procedures and protocols to which they are bound. These rules are in place not just to ensure uniformity of procedure, but also to ensure criminal suspects’ legal rights are protected and to uphold the integrity of the criminal process.

Flawed drug tests lead to incrimination of innocent people

In 2007, drummer Don Bolles was driving in his van in Newport Beach, California when he was pulled over by police officers. The police officers arrested Bolles for his alleged possession of GHB, which is a date rape drug. The police officers had pulled over Bolles for a broken taillight, searched his van, and allegedly found the banned drug. However, a lab test ultimately revealed that the "GHB" found in the drummer's van was simply an all-natural cleanser. As a result, all charges against Bolles were dropped.

Work with experienced attorney to take advantage of treatment options in criminal process

Previously, we began looking at the problem of increased opioid abuse across the country and here in Wisconsin. Along with the surge in prescription drug abuse, one of the positive developments has been that lawmakers have taken an approach to the problem which is not merely punitive, but aimed at addressing the addiction itself.

Federal regulators order reduction of opioid production amid abuse epidemic

Something readers may not be aware of is that federal regulators have the authority to limit the amount of controlled substances which may be manufactured in the United States on an annual basis. Under the Controlled Substances Act, the United States Attorney General is required to set annual manufacturing quotas for basic classes of Schedule I and II controlled substances to ensure an adequate supply.

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