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July 2017 Archives

Which drug leads to the most arrests in Wisconsin?

Studies have been carried out to see which drugs are used most commonly across the United States, with results giving some indication of which drugs are most likely to lead to an arrest. In Wisconsin, it turns out that drug treatment centers most often deal with marijuana.

Drunk drivers no longer staying in jail for 12 hours

In Wood County, Wisconsin, the rules used to state that someone who had been picked up for drunk driving had to stay behind bars for at least 12 hours. Obviously, it could be longer if there were other charges, but simple DUI arrests meant 12 hours in jail to sober up.

3 reasons a breath test may be wrong

You did drink a little bit before getting behind the wheel. You had a glass of wine with dinner. However, it was just one glass, you never even felt buzzed, and you ate an entire meal. You didn't think you were impaired and assumed your Blood Alcohol Concentration was pretty close to zero.

Who can't own a gun in Wisconsin?

The Second Amendment famously gives people in the United States -- including Wisconsin -- the right to bear arms. However, don't make the mistake of thinking that this right extends to everyone or can't be taken away. Under certain circumstances, it can, and not everyone is allowed to own a gun.

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