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November 2017 Archives

Man accused of criminal charges after high speed police chase

Police in Glendale say that they arrested a man who tried to flee from them while driving drunk. The man allegedly inspired a high-speed car chase that resulted in a fiery vehicle accident. Following the collision, authorities arrested the man and charged him with operating while intoxicated (OWI) causing injury, reckless endangerment, eluding police and other criminal charges.

Impaired driving charges can stem from drugs of all sorts

Many people think of drunk driving charges as being associated with only alcohol. These individuals might not realize that they can also face drunk driving charges after taking drugs. Not just illegal drugs, but even legal drugs can lead to a drunk driving charge.

23-year-old could spend years in jail if convicted of drug crimes

A Wisconsin woman was arrested for allegedly possessing 2.36 ounces of heroin on Oct. 8 in Darien. The woman has now been accused of even more crimes following a thorough investigation by authorities. In addition to the current charges, the woman has a previous history of drug-related convictions.

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