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Sheboygan man hit with fifth intoxicated driving charge

A man from Sheboygan was recently accused of intoxicated driving on his birthday. According to police, they pulled him over after he left a bar on a recent Wednesday. Sadly, it was the man's birthday and -- even worse -- it's the fifth time he's been charged with OWI in Wisconsin.

Police allege that they tracked down the man after a bartender at the bar where he was celebrating tipped them off. The bartender told authorities that a woman had asked for help, and then she left the bar with the intoxicated man in his vehicle. After police pulled them over, they performed a sobriety test on the man and decided he was too drunk to operate his vehicle.

They arrested him and charged him with OWI, in addition to four misdemeanor counts of battery. They also charged him with operating a vehicle with a revoked license and disorderly conduct. The man turned 53 years of age on the day of the incident.

The man has been convicted of operating a vehicle with a revoked license five times in the past. He also has four OWI convictions on his criminal record. These prior convictions mean that he needs to take his criminal defense extremely seriously.

The more OWI convictions you have on your criminal record the worse the punishments will be for every additional conviction. Therefore, those with prior OWI events need to take extreme care not to be arrested and accused again. If accused, however, individuals will have the ability to deny the charges in court and appropriately defend themselves against the charges.

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