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Mental illness sometimes contributes to violent crimes

Many people automatically think that people who have violent tendencies are just acting out. What many people don't realize is that there are sometimes mental health conditions that cause the person to act in this manner. It is easy to think that someone who just stabbed or shot someone should be locked away in prison for life, but this doesn't address the underlying problem.

Wisconsin gun law terminology: Terms you should know

In the state of Wisconsin, if you're a gun owner, it's important that you understand the legal distinction between various terms, like "carry" and "possession," for example. Understanding the meaning of these and other gun law terminology is important for deciding whether a particular defendant has broken Wisconsin gun laws.

Are nunchucks illegal in Wisconsin?

Nunchucks, a.k.a "nunchaku" are usually two wooden sticks or two metal pieces of pipes connected by a rope or chain on one end. They are used by martial artists and other weapons enthusiasts as protection in many cases. They are also classified under Wisconsin law as "dangerous weapons." Therefore, much as someone tries to tell an officer that they're just two pieces of wood connected by a rope, nunchucks will definitely be viewed as dangerous weapons by the police and, therefore, they will be subject to specific rules and regulations.

New proposed legislation seeks a ban on assault weapons

The latest mass shooting to shock the United States into a wave of grieving was the catastrophic incident that happened on Feb. 14, 2018, in Parkland, Florida. This sad mass murder was carried out by a lone gunman armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, which he used to murder 17 high school students.

Are firearms prohibited from federal property?

It's important for any gun or weapon owner to understand the restrictions that prohibit the carrying of certain firearms onto federal property -- especially if the weapon owner frequently carries weapons on his or her person. Failing to understand these restrictions could result in falling into serious legal trouble with the federal criminal law system.

Federal gun laws you should be familiar with

Under the Second Amendment, the United States Constitution states that American men and women have the right to bear arms. More specifically, the constitution states that "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." The Second Amendment cites the need for a militia in order to secure the freedom of the state as the reason for this amendment.

What are the most common gun crimes?

Wisconsin is home to numerous weapons laws that every resident and visitor of the state must adhere to. For example, did you know that those who have been convicted of a felony may not possess a firearm? These and other restrictions could apply to you and your use of a firearm -- and you might not even know it. Therefore, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various weapons crimes in Wisconsin so you can be sure to follow the law and avoid getting into legal trouble unnecessarily.

Wisconsin gun laws: Machine gun regulations

Wisconsin residents need to know their gun laws if they want to avoid unintentionally getting into trouble. One area of the law that could be subject to changes from year to year relates to machine guns, which are currently considered illegal in the state. Gun owners should review the following rules and regulations pertaining to machine guns to ensure that they don't get into trouble with state and local law enforcement regarding the firearms they possess and carry.

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