Tough Criminal Defense Lawyers In Waukesha

Facing any criminal charge is a life-altering event. The lawyers at Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP, in Waukesha are determined to provide an aggressive defense to obtain the best outcome possible in every case we handle. Our lawyers have diverse backgrounds that include experience as a court commissioner, police officer and detective. Moreover, our trial lawyers have more than 35 years of combined courtroom experience taking apart the prosecutions' cases.

No Criminal Case Is Too Complex To Receive A Rigorous Defense

We have represented clients in just about any kind of criminal case imaginable. The depth and breadth of our experience ensure that your case will be handled by a professional with the knowledge of how to present a solid defense. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys represent clients in Waukesha, Pewaukee, Brookfield and communities throughout southeastern Wisconsin in charges involving:

  • Drunk driving charges: We provide comprehensive legal counsel and solid representation to defend against OWI charges. While OWI charges are common, you do not want a common DUI defense lawyer in your corner. You need a skilled lawyer who will work hard to present the best defense possible.
    Drug crimes:
    Partner Peter Wolff served as an undercover drug detective in Brookfield and knows how the prosecution puts its cases together. We draw on the valuable insight to present a strong defense to drug and narcotics charges.
    Traffic offenses:
    Do not underestimate the overall impact a speeding or other traffic offense can have on your life. We take defending against traffic offenses in southeastern Wisconsin seriously.
    Theft crimes: Retail theft, shoplifting, embezzlement and other property crimes can quickly escalate to felony charges. Like any criminal charge, a conviction for a theft crime can be damaging to your livelihood, your family life and your freedom. Let us protect your rights.
    Violent crimes:
    Domestic violence, battery and other violent crimes require a thorough analysis of all the evidence. These cases frequently involve conflicting witness testimony, he said, she said disputes, potential provocation or self-defense strategies.
    Weapons charges: Firearm, gun and weapons charges can stand alone or be tacked on to enhance other crimes, such as drug charges. The penalties for a conviction are severe. We will provide thorough representation without judgment to obtain the best possible outcome.
    Juvenile crimes: If your son or daughter has had a brush with the law or is facing a disciplinary action in school — including possible expulsion — our juvenile defense lawyers will stand strong to protect the rights of your child.

Turn To Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers In Waukesha

To learn how our experience and knowledge of the law can work to your advantage in protecting your rights, we invite you to call 262-232-6699 or contact us online now. Our office is near the courthouse in Waukesha and we represent clients throughout southeastern Wisconsin. The initial consultation is always free.