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Divorce is one of the most challenging life events that a person can experience. Dealing with the emotional burden of ending a marriage is already difficult enough, but disputes regarding your property, your children, and other matters can make it even more challenging.

At Bucher, Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP, we understand what you are going through when you decide to get divorced. Our team of highly accomplished divorce attorneys is here to help you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse negotiate the terms of your divorce settlement. If an agreement cannot be reached, we will aggressively and responsibly advocate for your best interests during the litigation process. You do not have to face divorce alone.

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Even in an uncontested divorce, a couple is likely to have disagreements about the terms of their divorce settlement. In more complicated situations, such disagreements can grow into serious disputes. Our lawyers have the knowledge, resources, and experience to protect your rights during divorce negotiations and to help you obtain the best possible outcome. We are equipped to help you with issues related to:

  • Child Custody: Determining how you will share decision-making regarding your children is a critical part of the divorce process. At our firm, we work on behalf of both mothers and fathers to ensure that they are able to remain a healthy part of their children's lives. We understand the importance of protecting your child's best interests no matter what challenges may arise.
  • Child Placement / Visitation: While a court is initially inclined to equalize placement of the children between the parties in a divorce, there is often justification to deviate. Our attorneys will strongly advocate on your behalf to maximize the time your children are in your home.
  • Child Support: Wisconsin uses a system called the Percentage of Income Standard to determine the amount of child support a parent pays to the other. The standard takes into consideration each parent's income, the amount of time the children spend with each parent, and any child support obligations from previous relationships.
  • Spousal Maintenance (Alimony): Also called spousal support or alimony, spousal maintenance is money that a higher-earning spouse pays to the lesser-earning spouse in order to help ease the financial burden resulting from divorce.
  • Property Division: Wisconsin is a "community property" state when it comes to asset division during divorce. That means that a couple's marital estate, meaning all of the property and debt they have accumulated during the marriage, save for premarital property, inheritances, and gifts, is divided equally. Differentiating between marital property which is subject to division and property which remains separate can become complex. Our attorneys can assist with ownership determination.
  • High Conflict Divorce: Some divorcing spouses are able to easily reach an agreement about the terms of their divorce. Although they no longer wish to be married, they still get along reasonably well and are able to cooperatively negotiate a divorce settlement that works for both of them. Other divorcing couples harbor a great deal of resentment toward each other or otherwise cannot reach an agreement without court intervention. We are prepared to aggressively advocate for your rights during a contentious high conflict divorce.
  • High Asset Divorce: The divorce process becomes especially complex when one or both spouses own high-value assets or have a high net worth. Before property can be divided in a high asset divorce, there needs to be a full and accurate valuation and classification of the property contained in the marital estate. Our lawyers have the experience needed to assist with tracking down hidden assets or income, valuing business interests, real estate valuations, tax-related concerns, and more.
  • Post-Judgment Modifications and Enforcement: While divorce judgments are final and enforceable under the law, circumstantial and financial changes can sometimes necessitate a modification to a judgment. If you are already divorced and need help modifying a child placement, custody, child support, or spousal support order, we can help.

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