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In many parts of the country, law enforcement agencies, the courts, and lawmakers have started to shift their focus away from harsh punishments for those individuals who possess and use small amounts of illegal drugs. Some states, in fact, have begun decriminalizing low-level possession of certain drugs, and others have even legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults. Here in Wisconsin, it is still a crime to illegally possess a controlled substance—including marijuana—but the debates continue over what types of drug policies will best serve the citizens of the state.

One thing, however, is very clear. The state of Wisconsin takes an extremely hard line against those accused of manufacturing, distributing, delivering, or selling illegal drugs. If you are convicted of manufacturing, distribution or delivery, you will most likely go to jail or prison, and you will have a criminal record that could follow you for the rest of your life. At Bucher, Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP, we recognize the gravity of charges such as these, and we are equipped to help you build an aggressive, effective defense.

Drug Manufacturing in Wisconsin

Not many people think much about how illicit drugs or controlled substances are produced or prepared. Some drugs, including marijuana, can be largely used in their naturally occurring form. Others, however, must be chemically derived from plants or other substances or synthesized entirely. According to Wisconsin law, you could face charges for the manufacture of illegal drugs if you are alleged to have participated in the growing, producing, synthesizing, deriving, preparing, packaging, repackaging, labeling, or relabeling of any controlled substance. The severity of the charges and the related penalties will depend on the type of drug and the quantity found by law enforcement.

Distribution and Delivery of a Controlled Substance

Transferring or attempting to transfer an illegal drug to another person is known as delivery or distribution under Wisconsin law. While most such transfers involve the exchange of money, you could face distribution or delivery charges even without a sale taking place. Distribution or delivery also includes sharing drugs with another person.

Wisconsin law also prohibits the possession of illegal drugs with intent to manufacture, distribute or deliver. Such charges are possible simply based on the amount of a controlled substance found by law enforcement, as well as the presence of equipment commonly used in the preparation or manufacturing of illegal drugs, such as scales or small bags. Charges and penalties will again depend on the amount and types of drugs found.

Trusted Drug Crimes Counsel in Pewaukee and Brookfield

Attorney Peter Wolff is a former police officer and detective who spent several years working undercover on cases involving the delivery and distribution of illegal drugs. He and his partner, Attorney Ronald Sonderhouse, have more than 40 years of combined experience in the practice of criminal law. With our background and first-hand knowledge of drug crime prosecution, we are prepared to help you defend against charges related to the manufacture, distribution, and delivery of drugs.

When you contact our firm, we will carefully investigate the circumstances of your arrest and the events surrounding it. We will look at police filings, search records, witness statements, and any other details that could be important in building your defense. Our team will also make sure that your constitutional rights were not compromised or violated in any way.

No matter how overwhelming the case against you might seem, we will not give up on you. We will help you explore available options for treatment programs, diversionary opportunities, and other recourses that could allow you to avoid a conviction. When appropriate, however, we are not afraid to defend your interests at trial in pursuit of a full acquittal.

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