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Guns and Weapon Charges Defense Attorneys in Waukesha County

Waukesha County gun charges defense lawyer

Milwaukee County Criminal Lawyers Provide Legal Help for Illegal Weapon Possession 

The right to bear arms under the Wisconsin and federal constitutions is not absolute. Wisconsin law provides prosecutors with ample ammunition to pursue illegal possession and other weapons charges. If you are facing any kind of weapons charge or possible enhanced penalties to other charges related to a gun or other weapon, it is critical for you to speak with a skilled defense lawyer who has a deep understanding of Wisconsin gun crime laws.

Rely On Our Skilled Trial Lawyers To Protect Your Rights

At Bucher, Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP, in Waukesha, our weapons charges defense attorneys review every relevant detail to ensure that our clients' rights are protected. Weapons offenses can range in severity from misdemeanor charges to felonies. Frequently, minor charges for unlawful carrying may result from a search. We look closely at the officer's alleged reason to justify the search. Disputes may arise over who is responsible for a weapon found in a car occupied by more than one person. We will not fold in holding the prosecutor to his or her burden.

Our legal team has extensive experience defending individuals in Waukesha, Pewaukee, Brookfield and surrounding communities who have been charged with weapons violations such as:

  • Carrying a firearm without a permit
  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Possession of a weapon while intoxicated
  • Possession of a short-barreled shotgun
  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Weapons enhancements to other criminal charges

Even individuals who have a concealed weapon license in Wisconsin can face serious charges based upon the location where they allegedly are found in possession. Confusion may arise for a person with a permit who enters a school or government building. We work with our clients every step of the way to obtain the best possible outcome. Our team approach takes into account the personal goals and concerns of our clients.

We evaluate the prosecution's case from every angle, including from the perspective of law enforcement. Partner Peter Wolff served as an officer and detective for a decade in Brookfield before turning to the practice of law. Our attorneys begin to prepare for trial from day one to create a position of strength.

Our Local Attorneys Know The Local Courts In Southeastern Wisconsin

As local attorneys who appear frequently in court, we draw on our insight into how judges may rule on an issue and how prosecutors view an offense to craft effective defense strategies. We will walk with you every step of the way, providing straightforward answers to your concerns to allow you to make informed decisions. We fight to obtain optimal results, with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. When a favorable agreement cannot be reached, we have the trial skills to present a convincing case.

If you are facing a firearms enhancement to charges or a weapons violation, we are here to help you protect your future. To discuss your legal options with a highly skilled criminal defense lawyer in Waukesha, contact us online or call 262-232-6699.

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