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The penalties for violent crimes in Wisconsin are harsh, and prosecutors pursue these kinds of allegations rigorously — sometimes, law enforcement and prosecutors are too aggressive in trying to obtain evidence and a conviction. The criminal defense attorneys at Bucher, Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP, in Waukesha defend individuals who face a wide array of violent crime charges, including:

Domestic Violence Representation To Your Protect Your Future

Any dispute among household members or intimate partners can become heated. When police respond to a domestic disturbance call, there is always a strong likelihood that someone will face an arrest. Defending against domestic abuse charges takes hard work. We start with a thorough review of the prosecution's case to uncover its flaws and weaknesses. The procedures law enforcement used to gather evidence must be analyzed. The strength of the evidence must be evaluated. Drawing on decades of combined experience, our criminal defense lawyers in Waukesha will analyze every detail — piece by piece — to provide a strong defense.

If you are accused of domestic violence, the lawyer you choose to defend against the charges is crucial. The short- and long-term consequences of a conviction can adversely impact many aspects of your future. In addition to potential jail or prison time, convicted defendants often face:

  • Difficulty obtaining a reasonable child custody or visitation arrangement
  • The loss of the right to bear arms, including a hunting rifle
  • Trouble getting a job with the increase in pre-employment background checks
  • Difficulty obtaining housing due to a criminal record

Our team approach to presenting a comprehensive defense is well-suited to obtaining the most favorable outcome possible in family and domestic violence cases. We are not only seasoned criminal defense lawyers, but also a family law firm that can see a domestic violence dispute in its full perspective. We guide clients every step of the way. Our legal advice may include options such as getting domestic violence counseling to improve the strength of your defense. Our lawyers go the extra mile to address every legal option to obtain the most favorable outcome.

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