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Waukesha County Child Custody LawyerThe time following a divorce, separation, or other establishment of a court-ordered child custody order can be a time of high conflict between co-parents. Unfortunately, this results in many false accusations of child abuse that judges and courts must spend valuable time and resources investigating. 

For those parents who are dealing with real concerns of child abuse, the prevalence of false accusations may make them understandably worried about whether the court will take their concerns seriously. After all, proving child abuse is not always easy, and although your parental intuition may be absolutely sure that something is “off,” it can be difficult to collect evidence to prove it. If you are worried that your ex is abusing your child and you want to take action in the form of a modified custody arrangement, contact an experienced Wisconsin child custody attorney today for help. 

How Does Child Abuse Impact Child Custody Disputes in Wisconsin? 

Wisconsin family law judges are primarily concerned with implementing a custody order that is in the best interests of the child. When a court finds that a parent has committed a pattern or serious incident of child or spousal abuse, Wisconsin law requires the well-being of the child to be the first consideration when making custody decisions. This usually means removing joint or sole legal custody from the abusive parent or only allowing supervised visitation. In cases involving concerns of ongoing physical abuse, the child may be immediately removed from physical placement with the abusive parent. 


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Waukesha Juvenile Criminal Defense LawyerEvery parent hopes for the best for their child. Even when a child struggles with a bad friend group, poor academic performance, impulse control, or other difficulties that contribute towards criminal behavior, it can still be a shock to learn that child is being accused of committing a serious crime. 

Wisconsin has a separate juvenile justice system to handle cases of juvenile delinquency, but some crimes can be serious enough to merit treatment in the adult criminal justice system. If your child is facing criminal charges, contact an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney, especially if you are concerned that your child may be tried as an adult. 

Which Crimes Can Cause Juveniles to Be Tried as Adults? 

Once a child is 17 years old, he or she is considered an adult for the purposes of criminal prosecution. But some of the most serious crimes can allow much younger children to be prosecuted as adults as well, and in some cases, the law even requires it. 


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Waukesha Divorce LawyersDivorce - despite being incredibly common, it is still a word that carries an enormous amount of stigma and weight. People who are going through divorce often feel as though the burden of the legal negotiations, scheduling chaos, and the societal implications of divorce leave them very little energy or resources for their own well-being. 

Fortunately, the divorce process in Wisconsin has mostly changed from being an adversarial endeavor to one that is more focused on seeking resolution and reducing conflict. In addition, therapy for divorce has made enormous strides and divorcees are finding it easier than ever to get the mental support they need as they go through this difficult process. With the help of a great Wisconsin divorce attorney and these tips for handling divorce in a healthy way, you can make it to the other side and thrive. 

Take it Easy on Yourself

Divorce can easily feel like a failure. Your relationship has ended, for sure - but that does not necessarily mean getting divorced is and of itself a failure. Instead, remind yourself that not everything we do works out - in fact, most things do not - and that, while marriage is bigger than learning to play an instrument or starting a new job, nobody is an expert at being married. Getting divorced may really be the right choice. Try to forgive yourself for your own missteps while committing to learn from your experiences. 


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Milwaukee, WI OWI Defense LawyerWhile everyone knows that operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a mistake, many thousands of people have a few too many drinks and then get behind the wheel of their car every year in Wisconsin. The majority of these people, while taking an enormous risk, will make it to their destination safely. Others will get caught in OWI checkpoints, while others will go on to cause serious or even fatal traffic accidents.

Because of the potential life-altering seriousness of OWI accidents, prosecutors are often eager to teach drunk drivers a lesson. If you were just caught driving drunk for the first time (or even driving under the legal limit, in some circumstances), you need to hire an experienced OWI defense attorney who will help you fight the charges.

Penalties for a First-Time OWI Offense

Many people’s first concern after getting arrested for an OWI is whether they will go to jail. For most, the answer is no –– as long as a minor under age 16 was not in the car and no car accidents occurred. 


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Milwaukee Criminal Defense AttorneyGetting caught shoplifting can be scary, especially if you have never dealt with law enforcement before. Many people who purposely or accidentally shoplift small items are not exactly dangerous criminals, and while that is not an excuse for taking something that does not belong to you, you may rightfully feel as though it would be unfair for you to bear the full brunt of the criminal justice system. If you are facing charges for theft in Wisconsin, you may have options for a solid defense, even if it seems you were caught red-handed. 

Possible Defenses Against Criminal Charges of Theft

You may feel as though the police have all the evidence they need to convict you, but they still have to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt - not always an easy feat when you have a great criminal defense attorney on your side. Depending on the circumstances of your case, your attorney may try to base a defense on one of the following options: 

  • Entrapment - When a police officer or other authority figure persuades someone to commit a crime they would not otherwise have committed, this may be considered entrapment. While entrapment is not the same as watching you commit the crime, or even appearing to help you commit the crime, if an officer convinced you to take something and then you get caught, entrapment may be a successful defense. 


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