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First OWI in Milwaukee: More Important than You Realize

Skilled Milwaukee Drunk Driving Lawyers Help You

If you're not paying attention, it's easy to get pulled over for an OWI (Operating a vehicle While Intoxicated). Maybe you were driving a car or truck. Maybe a motorcycle or snowmobile. It doesn't matter. You were operating it. Doing so while intoxicated potentially endangered yourself and others. You might not have been serious before. But you need to be serious now.

A First OWI Is a Step Toward Something Much Worse

The Milwaukee OWI defense attorneys at Wolff & Sonderhouse urge you to mount the strongest possible defense. While the penalties for an initial drunk driving charge don't seem too bad, there are real problems ahead.

Your first OWI is usually a misdemeanor. Unless you caused an accident with serious injury to others, the penalty could be a $300 to $450 fine and losing your driver's license for 6 to 9 months. Perhaps you don't think it's worth the money to hire a criminal defense lawyer. You need to realize your OWI charge is more serious than you might think. There are big potential problems down the road. We can help you avoid them.

A first OWI is a warning - a very strong warning. If it ever happens again - no matter when or where it happens - the consequences will be severe. Then you will definitely need the best Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer you can find. In this state, multiple Wisconsin OWIs are felonies. If convicted, you can face a huge fine and even actual jail time. Your insurance rates could go up - life, health and auto. If you're a commercial driver, you could lose your CDL (Commercial Driver's License).

A Second OWI Is a Criminal Offense with Serious Consequences

So unless you are absolutely positive you will never get another OWI, you need to fight this first charge. Wolff & Sonderhouse is the law firm with dependable Milwaukee drunk driving lawyers. We're experienced in dealing with prosecutors and judges. We know the ins and outs of the justice system. We can help you in multiple ways. A lot of the things we do are unknown outside of the legal profession. Criminal defense attorneys know and utilize them. You might never be aware these helpful methods even exist.

No matter what happened when you were arrested, you deserve a solid defense. Your situation isn't cut and dried. You still have hope, but only if you have a strong Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer by your side. The prosecutor isn't going to cut you any slack just because this is your first offense. The courts aren't going to be lenient. Afterwards, things will only get worse if it happens again.

Schedule an appointment with us today. Don't hesitate. This is one fight worth pursuing.

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