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Hazardous Winter Driving in Wisconsin

Milwaukee Traffic Violation Attorneys Aim to Keep Your Family Safe

As residents of Wisconsin, it's common to assume people should know how to drive when winter weather hits. Unfortunately this is not the case. By the time the first snow hits people have generally forgotten the winter safety tips they've used most of their lives, which leads to the most traffic incidents compared to any other winter day. Winter driving accidents can lead to property damage, increased insurance rates, injury and even death. The first snow of 2013 was dire. There were 2 pileups, one on highway 41/45 which went viral among the internet. This footage showed how driving too fast for conditions, the most common cause of winter driving accidents, can lead to immense damage. Milwaukee traffic violations are one of the multiple Waukesha criminal defense practice areas our attorneys handle.

Driving too fast for conditions generally means exceeding a reasonably safe speed based on the road and surrounding conditions. Wet roads due to snow and rain, low visibility due to fog, curves and more all hinder the speed of vehicles on the road. It is extremely important to drive safely in the winter. As seen from the highway 41/45 pileup, even one small fender bender can escalate to cause severe damage when road conditions are poor. If you've been involved in a traffic accident due to poor driving conditions, dealing with insurance companies, potential legal issues and possible severe injuries can be complicated and devastating. Be sure to take precautions and drive safely this winter to avoid the complications which arise when a collision occurs.

Wisconsin Winter Driving Tips

Wisconsin winters last much longer than other areas of the U.S., leading to a higher risk of winter accidents due to snow and ice. By following these simple winter driving safety tips, you can protect yourself and those around you from potential catastrophe.

  • Always be sure to keep your windshield, side windows and rear window clear of snow, ice and fog. Visibility can be a saving grace when roads conditions are poor, so it is crucial to clear all windows thoroughly and get your defogger working fast.
  • Make sure taillights and headlights are clear. Not only should you be able to see out of all windows, other drivers should be able to easily spot your car and your bright taillights when you've come to a stop.
  • Reduce your speed when roads are slippery. You should be driving slower than usual on wet roads and decreasing your speed even further when roads are covered in snow and ice.
  • Make sure you have the correct tires to take on the snow. Your car should have either snow tires or tires which are labeled "all season." These tires have deeper tread allowing for more traction on slick roads.
  • Remember, four-wheel drive doesn't make your car immune to slippery roads. Four-wheel drive can help you get through snow and tough terrain, however it does not guarantee you'll be able to suddenly stop if you're driving too fast. Take caution and remember during winter conditions you could be forced to suddenly stop at any time.
  • Exercise caution with the gas pedal AND brakes. Don't slam on the gas; this can lead to digging into the snow further, causing potential fishtailing. Don't slam on the brakes either; this is commonly why people lose control when roads are slick. If you must stop suddenly, either gradually step on antilock brakes or pump non-antilock brakes.
  • Keep a fair amount of distance between your car and those ahead of you. Never tailgate other cars or snow plows. Tailgating a snow plow can be a traffic violation in Milwaukee and other places. Similarly, following too closely without allowing proper distance can lead to an accident
  • If you have been in an accident when roads conditions are poor, take extreme caution when leaving your vehicle. Never stand in the middle of the road and always be aware of your surroundings on the shoulder. Be aware other cars will continue to pass by and other drivers will not always follow proper winter driving protocol.

Despite exercising intelligence and safety on a regular basis, mistakes are still prone to occur when other drivers fail to utilize the correct methods of safety. If you have become the victim of a negligent driver or faulty construction setting, don't hesitate to contact Milwaukee's traffic violation attorneys at Bucher, Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP. Costly car repairs and substantial injury bills will negatively impact you and your family. This is unacceptable when the cause of the dilemma is not even your fault.

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