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New Wisconsin Drunk Driving Law

Many people claim the state of Wisconsin is soft on drunk driving, especially in Milwaukee. Reality is the state is getting much tougher when it comes to Wisconsin drunk driving laws. Governor Scott Walker recently signed into place a bill making every Wisconsin drunk driver spend a minimum of 30 days in jail when he/she has injured another person. The new Wisconsin drunk driving law also contains a specific stipulation forcing convicts guilty of a 7th DUI, 8th DUI, or 9th DUI (the official term is OWI, yet is more commonly referred to as DUI) be sentenced to a minimum of 3 years in prison.

Milwaukee Drunk Driving Attorneys

Drunk driving laws are becoming tougher by the year. Repeat drunk drivers in Wisconsin need professional legal assistance as much as first time offenders. The Milwaukee drunk driving attorneys at Wolff and Sonderhouse, located in Waukesha County, understand every man or woman charged is entitled to fair criminal defense. Your best bet is always going through an experienced criminal defense attorney, one who knows how to continue protecting your rights as an American citizen and potentially dismiss your OWI.

However you choose to refer to professional legal representation, whether as an OWI lawyer or a DUI attorney, Wolff and Sonderhouse is ready for your call.

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