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What to Do When Charged with Operating While Intoxicated in Wisconsin

From a Snowmobile OWI to a Boating OWI in Milwaukee

Operating any form of vehicle while intoxicated - known in Wisconsin as an OWI - is a serious offense. The keyword is "operating". Drunk driving offenses can cover any sort of vehicle - truck, car, boat, snowmobile (snowmobile OWIs are surprisingly common in Wisconsin), and motorcycle. Doing so endangers yourself and others. Being charged with driving drunk also puts you in danger of some serious consequences.

The experienced Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys at Wolff & Sonderhouse have the knowledge, capability and experience to provide the strongest possible defense.

Perhaps this is your first Wisconsin OWI offense and you aren't too worried. You should be. On the face of it, your jeopardy isn't particularly severe. Perhaps it was a snowmobile OWI, not a standard car. Unless you were involved in a serious accident or a similar situation, your first OWI is usually treated as a misdemeanor. The fine might be $300 to $450. You may suffer the inconvenience of having your driver's license for 6 to 9 months. You may not think it's worth it to hire a good Waukesha criminal defense attorney. Trust us. It's definitely worth it.

Your First OWI Conviction Is Serious Now. It Could Be Worse Later.

Your first OWI is a strong warning. If it ever happens again, the consequences are life-shattering, and you will definitely need the best Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer. Multiple OWIs are felonies in Wisconsin. A second DUI or third DUI will follow you forever. Now you confront the possibility of actual jail time in addition to huge fines. Your insurance rates could go up - all of them. Life, Health and Auto Insurance premiums are almost certain to rise if you have another OWI. A commercial driver can lose his CDL (Commercial Driver's License), forever taking away your driving job.

All of it could happen with your second offense. Unless you are absolutely certain you will never again drink and drive (a great decision, by the way), you now understand how important it could be for you to avoid this first OWI conviction if at all possible.

Beating Milwaukee Drunk Driving Charges

The best drunk driving attorneys in Milwaukee are at Wolff & Sonderhouse. We know the system. We know the courts & judges. We know the procedures. There are many things we can do to help you, legal options which most people never even consider.

Look at it this way. You might have made a mistake. If you're embarrassed or sad, you still deserve the strongest defense. Your situation isn't hopeless. A skilled Waukesha criminal defense lawyer can - and will - provide effective legal representation. Just because this might be your first offense, don't expect the court to be lenient. Prosecutors don't tolerate drunk driving. It's serious and they treat it as such. Contact us today for an appointment.

Contact our Waukesha OWI criminal defense lawyers to beat your operating while intoxicated charge.

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