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Wisconsin Attorney Gives Examples of How to Dismiss OWI

Milwaukee OWI Lawyers

The Milwaukee OWI lawyers at Wolff and Sonderhouse are anxious to clarify important facts. First and foremost, DUI, driving under the influence, along with DWI, driving while intoxicated, are both officially classified in the state of Wisconsin as the charge of an OWI, operating while intoxicated. A false piece of information civilians often assume is once you violate the law, you have forfeited your basic human rights. This misinformation could not be more incorrect. Our OWI attorneys in Waukesha are ready to offer clear examples of being wrongfully convicted on drunk driving charges in Milwaukee.

A strong Milwaukee OWI lawyer can and will find the right method to preserve your integrity against unlawful accusations of operating while intoxicated. For example, weaving the car within the lines is not illegal. In many cases, this is unavoidable. Weaving your car while staying inside the lines is never admissible in court as a legitimate cause to warrant being pulled over. The reason for an officer stopping your vehicle must be legitimate. Anonymous tips are also not excusable grounds for having been pulled over (i.e. someone calls the police department to report your license plate number may or may not be operated by a driver under the influence).

Drunk Driving Waukesha

Sobriety testing in the field is also an inaccurate way of measuring who is guilty of drunk driving in and around Waukesha or anywhere else in the State. A single breathalyzer contains a substantial margin of error. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration dismisses the accuracy of reciting the alphabet, counting backwards, and touching your nose with your hands. Likewise, various age and physical conditions mean physical tests are downright wrong around one third of the time. Whether the charge is in Milwaukee or a suburb like Oak Creek, all Wisconsin OWIs are chained to the same set standard of lawful procedure.

West Allis DUI Attorney

The penlight test, making you follow the light with your eyes, is also a possibility for your OWI being dismissed in court. Hypothetically, let's say you were pulled over in West Allis, WI and given the penlight test. The West Allis police officer may have held the light too close to your eyes, temporarily blinding you. Failing the test would have been a forced-upon occurrence and could have nothing to do with your sobriety level. An experienced West Allis DUI attorney will help.

All of the reasons above simply comprise a loose framework of examples for ways in which Milwaukee OWI attorneys are able to help your case. If you have been mistakenly charged of a similar crime, Wolff and Sonderhouse's Waukesha criminal defense attorneys are here for you. The laws of our great nation are in existence to help the overall well-being of its citizens, not to trample over individual rights.

Contact our Waukesha OWI lawyers for the legal assistance needed to protect your rights.

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