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Wisconsin OWI Law Changes Could Include Sobriety Checkpoints

Wisconsin's OWI laws, referred to in common parlance as DUI, DWI, and drunk driving laws, last underwent significant change in 2010. The 2010 OWI changes included upping the penalty for a 4th time drunk driving offense to a felony and adding misdemeanor charges if a child was present in the vehicle. The new OWI laws also mandated an ignition interlock device for repeat offenders and first time OWI offenders over a blood alcohol content of .15.

As of 2013, certain state representatives are leading the charge for stronger drunk driving laws including extending felony provisions to 3rd OWI offenders and instituting sobriety checkpoints.New Wisconsin drunk driving laws are always being proposed.

The proposed changes are being met with resistance due to financing issues. Expenses would come largely in the form of additional police wages and legal administrative costs. Some critics have citied millions of dollars in implementation costs as the primary reason to forgo the changes.

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