Nunchucks, a.k.a "nunchaku" are usually two wooden sticks or two metal pieces of pipes connected by a rope or chain on one end. They are used by martial artists and other weapons enthusiasts as protection in many cases. They are also classified under Wisconsin law as "dangerous weapons." Therefore, much as someone tries to tell an officer that they're just two pieces of wood connected by a rope, nunchucks will definitely be viewed as dangerous weapons by the police and, therefore, they will be subject to specific rules and regulations.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about dangerous weapons and nunchaku in Wisconsin:

If you own nunchaku and you want to prevent getting in trouble with the authorities you may want to study up on what Wisconsin law says about this dangerous weapon. Knowing the law as it applies to carrying and possessing weapons in the state will help ensure that you follow the rules and avoid getting in trouble with the police.

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