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September 2016 Archives

Work with an experienced attorney to scrutinize law enforcement investigations, P.2

Previously, we commented on the importance of criminal defendants working with an experienced attorney to carefully scrutinize the actions of law enforcement officers and agents to protect their constitutional rights and to build a strong criminal defense case. The way in which law enforcement carries out its duties can and does come into play in criminal defense work, and criminal defendants deserve to know how to take advantage of the protections built into the process.

Work with an experienced attorney to scrutinize law enforcement investigations, P.1

Combating drug trafficking and related crimes is a high priority for law enforcement officials at both the state and the federal level, and government spends significant resources every year to target drug offenders. Law enforcement officials are particularly keen to target operations that serve as hubs in the drug market, such as the Milwaukee-based group known as “Bless Team”.

When an ignition interlock device required in Wisconsin?

Every year, thousands are injured in drunken driving accidents, and almost one out of three traffic deaths on American roads involve drunk driving. Wisconsin is no exception; in 2014 the Badger State saw nearly 2,700 injuries and 162 fatalities from alcohol related accidents.

Wisconsin ranks number 37 among the state on DUI strictness

At least two changes occurred earlier this year making Wisconsin stricter in how it deals with drunk-drivers.  One of the changes was a new law that removed the right of first time drunk-drivers to refuse providing a blood sample to law enforcement. The new law, which went into effect back in March, allows officers to request a warrant for a blood sample. Then a second law went into effect in April which made a fourth drunk-driving offense automatically a felony. Previously, such offenses were misdemeanors in most cases.

WalletHub analysis ranks states according to strictness in addressing DUI

Drunk-driving, as readers know, is differently regulated by the states such that the consequences of DUI charges vary depending on where the case occurs. While every state, it seems, holds reduction of drunk-driving as an important goal in principle, some states focus more on criminal penalties in battling the problem than others.

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