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Waukesha County Child Support AttorneysRaising a child can be expensive, and there are numerous costs that parents will need to address on an ongoing basis. When parents are married or living together, they will usually be able to work together to cover these costs as they manage their family's budget. However, when parents are divorced or when unmarried parents are no longer in a relationship, they will need to determine how to share the costs of raising their children. Child support orders will usually be put in place in these situations, and parents will need to understand what these orders will cover and how different types of expenses may be shared.

Addressing Children's Basic Needs

Wisconsin law provides guidelines that are used to calculate child support obligations. Under these guidelines, each parent's income may be considered, and they will be required to put a percentage of their income toward supporting their children. The number of children the parents share and the amount of time that children will live with each parent will be factored into the calculation, and one parent will typically make payments to the other parent.

The child support amounts calculated using these methods are meant to cover expenses related to children's basic needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter. If necessary, the court may choose to deviate from the guidelines based on evidence that these calculations would lead to results that would be unfair to the children or either parent. If children have extraordinary needs, or if there are issues that may affect a parent's ability to pay support while addressing their own needs, the amount of child support payments may be increased or decreased.

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