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May 2017 Archives

Why your Ignition Interlock Device is a friend, not an enemy

At Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP, we know that nobody wants to have an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in their vehicle. These devices require you to blow into them, and if you have the smallest amount of alcohol on your breath, the device will render your car undrivable. You will also have to intermittently blow into the device while operating your vehicle.

In Wisconsin, you must begin fighting drug charges immediately

In Wisconsin, drug charges are a very serious matter. Even as lawmakers are slowly introducing medical marijuana legislation that aims to loosen the restrictions against the drug, the penalties for possessing or dealing drugs or drug paraphernalia are still quite stiff.

Were you arrested for boating under the influence?

Boating under the influence charges happen frequently in Wisconsin's waterways. In fact, some Wisconsin boaters may have been arrested and charged with BUI even though they are innocent. This is partly because the very nature of being on a boat with friends can result in an inappropriate arrest.

Did you get charged with a federal drug paraphernalia crime?

It's hard to imagine, but even the most seemingly innocuous items could lead to a federal drug paraphernalia charge if police find you in possession of them at the time of a drug-related arrest. For example, a box of small plastic baggies would be perfectly innocent in any other context, but if police find you in possession of a large bag of cocaine, they may assume that you're going to use the baggies to traffic and sell the drug.

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