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June 2017 Archives

Were you charged with boating under the influence?

Getting charged with boating under the influence is not that different from getting charged with driving under the influence. Perhaps the main distinction, however, is that people who drive boats tend to be more at risk of such allegations -- that's because lots of Wisconsin residents like to bring alcoholic beverages with them when they head out onto our state's rivers and lakes.

3 defenses against theft crimes

Wisconsin residents who charged with theft crimes face the threat of spending quite a bit of time in prison or jail if they are convicted. The severity of the punishments will increase dramatically based on the value of the property that was allegedly stolen. However, those accused of theft or larceny will have the ability to defend themselves in court.

Sharing your prescription drugs at work is a bad idea

It's difficult to watch a co-worker suffer through a workday in pain. You might be tempted to alleviate his or her discomfort by giving your co-worker one of the pain medications you take for your bum knee; however, it would be a very bad idea and it could get you in serious trouble with the law.

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