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How to defend against a drug possession charge

Due to the differences between drugs and their potential punishments, defendants accused of drug possession will need to tailor their defense strategies to the unique facts and circumstances that apply to their cases. For example, if you've been accused of possessing a kilo of cocaine, your defense strategy will probably be very different from the strategy employed by someone accused of possessing half an ounce of marijuana.

Facing a criminal charge? Pay attention to these factors

For people who are facing their first encounter with the criminal justice system, there are some aspects that might be a mystifying. This can cause them to feel stress and uncertainty. As you can imagine, having these feelings for months while the case moves through the system is difficult and frustrating.

Was your breathalyzer test properly administered?

If you recently received DUI charges, it can feel as though you have no way to fight them. The truth is that there is usually something a very creative person can find to build some sort of defense. While there is no guarantee that the defense succeeds in preventing a conviction, it is always better to build some sort of defense against any kind of criminal charge.

3 reasons a breath test may be wrong

You did drink a little bit before getting behind the wheel. You had a glass of wine with dinner. However, it was just one glass, you never even felt buzzed, and you ate an entire meal. You didn't think you were impaired and assumed your Blood Alcohol Concentration was pretty close to zero.

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