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2 Madison-area men arrested and charged with heroin crimes

Posted on in Drug Charges

No one intends to get arrested and accused of drug crimes, but sometimes -- whether it's because they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time or they actually committed a narcotics-related offense -- Wisconsin residents may find themselves in trouble with the law. In one recent case, Madison-area law enforcement authorities arrested and charged two men with possessing large quantities of heroin and selling it to smaller drug dealers in the region.

On June 26, police arrested a 40-year-old Sun Prairie man and a 39-year-old town of Madison man. The arrest was made on tentative heroin possession charges with the intent to maintain a drug house and deliver drugs.

The operation was completed by the Dane County Narcotics Task Force, the Wisconsin State Division of Criminal Investigation. Members of these police agencies entered and searched both of the men's separate residences -- presumably with search warrants -- proceeded to search the homes and ultimately arrested the men.

During the search and seizure operations, drug agents claim that they seized 419 grams of heroin, which holds an estimated street sale value of $58,520. They also found $3,000 worth of cash and eight firearms. Police believe that the men were part of a drug ring, divvying up their large stashes of heroin and selling it to small scale sellers.

If you have been charged with drug crimes, it's important to remember that you have the right to a criminal defense. Just because you were arrested and accused does not mean that you will ever be found guilty of the crime. The court will not convict or punish you until -- and only if -- the prosecution proves your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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