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37-year-old mother allows her 8-year-old to drive

Posted on in Criminal Defense

A 37-year-old mother from Milwaukee has been accused of allowing her 8-year-old son to drive on Highway 145. Police pulled the woman and her son over, after allegedly spotting the woman driving with her young child on her lap in the front seat.

Police said allege they saw the boy steering his mother's vehicle as they drove down the highway. After spotting the pair, police pulled them over, and upon reaching the vehicle, they say that the boy was emotionally distraught.

Police further claim that the 37-year-old mother would not cooperate with them. They say she failed her field sobriety tests and showed signs of being intoxicated. Authorities arrested her, charged her with DUI 3rd offense and DUI with a young child in the car. The Milwaukee County District Attorney's office also plans to seek charges of Interlock Ignition Device Violation, Operating After Revocation, and 2nd Degree Reckless Endangering Safety.

Following the arrest, police gave the child over to Child Protective Services. They say that during the arrest and interrogation of his mother, the boy was crying. Allegedly, the boy was afraid that he was in trouble with the law and he asked them not to take him to jail.

This emotional incident is clearly unfortunate for all parties involved. Due to the arrest and charges, the mother of the boy is seriously at risk of losing child custody of her son, and any other children she might have. As such, she may want to contract the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help her navigate her criminal proceedings, seek to minimize the chance and/or severity of punishments, and seek to safeguard her parental custody rights.

Source: Greenfield Patch, "Drunk Woman Arrested for Allowing 8-Year-Old Son to Drive on Highway," Scott Anderson, May 06, 2017

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