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38-year-old man arrested in Belvidere drug bust

Posted on in Drug Charges

Police in Belvidere say that they arrested an accused a man of drug crimes in a recent narcotics bust. Authorities say that they made a routine traffic stop at the Belvidere Oasis last Sunday, and it later led to the arrest.

The police officer who pulled the man over happened to be a Boone County Sheriff's Department K-9 unit. Shortly after conducting the traffic stop, the sheriff's deputy called for backup from Belvidere/Boone County Metro Narcotics officers. The narcotics officers arrived and assisted with a search and seizure operation.

Police say that the search and seizure produced approximately 190 grams of cocaine, approximately 45 grams of heroin and an unspecified amount of cash. The arrested and accused driver, a 38-year-old man who hails from Madison, has been charged with various drug crimes. These include unlawful possession of drugs with the intent to deliver, which is a Class X felony and punishable with six to 30 years of prison upon conviction. He was also charged with two counts of unlawful possession of drugs, which is a Class 1 felony and punishable with four to 15 years in prison upon conviction.

As of last reports, the man was still being held at the Boone County Jail without bond. Police suspect that additional charges may be pending against the man after they complete their ongoing investigation.

The accused man in this case -- at this point in time -- has only been accused. He will, therefore, remain innocent of the alleged crimes until, and only if, the prosecution succeeds in proving him to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in criminal court. Until then, he will have every opportunity to defend himself against his alleged drug crimes.

Source:, "Drugs and Money Seized in Boone County Drug Bust," Chris Green, June 04, 2018

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