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Anyone can find him or herself arrested on narcotics charges

Posted on in Drug Charges

The police in Wisconsin use a lot of clever tactics to track down, gather evidence and charge individuals with drug crimes. Sometimes, police and prosecutors build very strong cases against the people they accuse. Other times, the cases aren't that strong. In fact, it's not uncommon for police to arrest and charge a completely innocent person with a drug crime that he or she never committed.

Here are the three most common drug crimes that a Wisconsin resident might face in this regard:

Possession: This involves actually having real drugs on your person or in a location that's under your control, like a storage unit, apartment, vehicle or simply stuffed in your clothing. Small quantities of controlled substances could lead to simple possession charges, while larger quantities could lead to the more serious drug offenses that follow.

Manufacturing: If police barge into a home or backyard to find a drug production operation -- be it a farm, chemistry lab or some other kind of processing facility -- they will likely charge the person in control of the operation with drug manufacturing.

Trafficking and dealing: If police encounter someone in possession of a massive quantity of drugs they could charge him or her with trafficking. If the person possesses a smaller quantity or is caught in the process of selling a small quantity, then he or she could face drug dealing charges.

Regardless what drug charges you're facing, you will be entitled to a criminal defense. Equally importantly, you will be viewed as innocent of all crimes by the court until -- and only if -- the prosecution can prove you to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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