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Are firearms prohibited from federal property?

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Criminal Defense

It's important for any gun or weapon owner to understand the restrictions that prohibit the carrying of certain firearms onto federal property -- especially if the weapon owner frequently carries weapons on his or her person. Failing to understand these restrictions could result in falling into serious legal trouble with the federal criminal law system.

Here is a complete list of firearm items -- and other weapons -- that you are prohibited from carrying onto a federal facility:

  • Anything that could be considered a dangerous weapon.
  • Explosives and destructive devices, including their individual parts and components that could be converted into a dangerous weapon that would cause death, serious injury or property damage.
  • Projectile weapons and firearms, including airguns, BB and pellet guns, antique firearms, flare guns, replica guns, toy guns, spearguns, starter pistols, stun guns and cattle prods, ammunition and slingshots.
  • Bladed weapons of all types.
  • Striking items like blackjacks and billy clubs.
  • Disabling chemicals.
  • Anything that could be used aggressively to cause harm to or immobilize someone.

This list applies to everyone who enters a federal facility -- such as contractors, occupants and visiting public -- except those officers who have the authority to carry weapons.

If you have been accused of carrying a dangerous weapon into a federal facility, you may want to examine your legal rights and options. You have been accused of a serious crime that could result in jail time if you are convicted. As such, you will want to apply the full letter of the law and all available strategies to your criminal defense process.

Source: Department of Homeland Security, "Items Prohibited from Homeland Security," accessed Feb. 01, 2018

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