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Can I Get Arrested for Using a Fake I.D. at a Wisconsin Bar?

 Posted on July 27, 2022 in Criminal Law

Muskego Criminal Defense LawyerAdults who are over 18 but under 21 frequently seek out fake IDs so they can access alcohol and cigarettes. While this may seem like no big deal, the consequences of using a fake ID in Wisconsin can be harsh. Even temporarily borrowing someone else’s ID and representing yourself as the person on the ID, without actually using the ID to buy alcohol, is against the law. If you, your friend, or your child have gotten caught using a fake ID in a Wisconsin bar, grocery store, or restaurant, get help from a criminal defense attorney right away. 

Do Police Care if You Are Using a Fake ID in Wisconsin? 

Wisconsin police definitely care if a minor is caught using a fake ID to access substances that are otherwise forbidden to them. Not only are police concerned with the dangers that alcohol and cigarettes pose to the developing brains of underage adults, but the police need IDs to be reliable so that people can be identified whenever necessary. For example, imagine you were carrying someone else’s ID and something terrible happened to you. Identifying you and contacting your family members could be much more difficult, to say nothing of the confusion and suffering that may be caused by the actual ID holder’s family. 

What Happens if You Get Caught with a Fake ID? 

Getting busted with a fake ID will result in criminal charges and potentially include an arrest. Bouncers or other staff at places serving alcohol will often confiscate an ID that is suspected to be fake and call the police. Because fake ID charges are criminal, they will result in a criminal trial with a jury and prosecution. A conviction can result in fines, jail time, losing your driving privileges, community service, or any combination of these. If you are committing any other crimes when you get caught with a fake ID, such as drinking or driving under the influence, you will also face criminal charges for that. 

Contact a Menomonee Falls Criminal Defense Lawyer

Every weekend, adults who are not old enough to drink try to use fake IDs to get into bars across the United States. To keep this moment from defining your criminal background, employment potential, and social standing, get help from a Waukesha County criminal defense attorney with Bucher, Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP. If your child has been charged with this crime, you can call us on their behalf to get the case started. Call us now at 262-232-6699 to schedule a free consultation. 


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