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Have you ever wondered what factors could affect your blood alcohol content (BAC) levels? There are many things that can interfere with the percentage concentration of alcohol in your bloodstream after you've drunk an alcoholic beverage. In some cases, such factors could cause two people who drank the same amount of alcohol to render different BAC levels when taking a Breathalyzer test.

Here are a few things that could be contributing factors to varying Breathalyzer test results between two individuals who drank the same amount of alcohol during the same period of time.

  • Your age: The older you are, the more you'll be affected by the intoxicating effects of alcoholic beverages. In this respect, you might have the same amount of alcohol in your blood as your younger counterpart, but you exhibit more signs of inebriation.
  • Your sex: Men tend to show fewer signs of inebriation and will have a lower BAC than women after consuming the same amount of alcohol. This is because men tend to have more water in their blood than women.
  • The strength of the drinks: Maybe you both had three gin and tonics, but your friend drank two made by a different bartender who mixed the drink with more alcohol.
  • Fat and muscle content: Overweight people may have higher BACs based on the amount of alcohol they consume compared to their muscle-bound counterparts. This is because fat doesn't absorb alcohol very well but muscle does. When it comes to drinking, size doesn't matter as much as how much muscle you happen to have on your bones.

These are just a few factors that can affect your BAC after drinking alcoholic beverages. There are many more. At the end of the day, it's important to remember that you should never drive after consuming any amount of alcohol. Otherwise, you run a higher risk needing to defend yourself against drunk driving allegations in court.

When it comes to the various ways you can get from A to B, human beings have a lot of options. You could hop on a bicycle, a skateboard, a jet ski, a unicycle, a golf cart – and even a riding lawn mower – if you wanted to. The thing is, even though these vehicles are not automobiles, when you operate them, you must follow the rules of the road. As such, you can get arrested for drunk driving a lawn mower in Wisconsin. In fact, this is exactly what happened to a man in Pennsylvania.

According to police, a 55-year-old man was driving his lawn mower with an open beer can during the early morning hours. Police further alleged that the man smelled of alcohol and when they searched the storage compartment of his lawn mower, they found an empty beer can. The man claimed he was riding the lawn mower to his home, which was six miles away.

It's important to note that Wisconsin residents could also find themselves in trouble with the law for operating a riding mower while intoxicated. For that matter, operating any kind of vehicle while drunk on the open road, motorized or not, would represent a legal violation.


Defendants in Wisconsin who have been accused of drunk driving will have various criminal defense strategies available to them. However, only certain methodologies will apply to any given case depending on the facts and evidence being presented by the prosecution, and depending on the potential punishments involved.

That said, here are three common defense strategies used by lawyers in Wisconsin:

Improper stop


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If you were arrested for drunk driving, at some point during your arrest process, police probably administered a Breathalyzer test. The results of this test may have even produced a key piece of evidence in your criminal defense lawsuit, and the prosecution may try to use this evidence against you to convict you of drunk driving. As such, you might want to understand a little more about how Breathalyzer tests work.

The Breathalyzer test machine comes in numerous forms and variety. "Breathalyzer" is a brand name, but other companies may offer breath testing devices as well. Generally, all of these devices work the same, and they are all subject to rending completely inaccurate test results. As such, even if your breath test showed you had a high blood alcohol content (BAC), it doesn't necessarily mean that you will ultimately be convicted.

Breathalyzers analyze the percentage concentration of alcohol in your blood by registering how much alcohol is dissolved into your breath. A scientific testing methodology known as infrared spectroscopic analysis is used to analyze your breath like this. The captured alcohol within your breath is detected because it absorbs light waves that belong to a specific frequency. The more of these lightwaves the are captured, the higher score of drunkenness the Breathalyzer will give you.


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It might have happened while you were driving home from a party late at night. It might have happened while you were driving your children to school in the morning. In fact, a drunk driving arrest can happen at any time you're operating your vehicle. However, just because you get arrested and accused of this crime does not mean that a criminal court will find you guilty. Until the prosecution can prove you were drunk behind the wheel beyond a reasonable doubt, you will have every opportunity to defend yourself.

Although every drunk driving defense strategy will be different depending on the circumstances of how the arrest occurred, here are a two ways that DUI defendants might try to fight their charges:

Defenses related to police procedure: There are many things that can go wrong in the moments preceding a driver's arrest. Police have rules and procedures they need to follow, and failure to follow these rules could invalidate an arrest. Important questions to ask in this regard include: Did the police have a viable reason to pull over the driver? Did police administer the field sobriety or breathalyzer test in a lawful way? If the answer to these questions is "no," then it could reveal a strategy to defend against the charges.

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