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Drinking and driving is a serious problem because it is fully preventable if drivers don't get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. With the impacts of this issue in mind, state legislators came up with some very strict penalties for drunk driving.

It is imperative that all drivers take the responsible path and find another way home after drinking. If this doesn't happen, you might find yourself facing criminal charges. Here are some points to know about drunk driving in Wisconsin:

Blood alcohol concentration


Traffic deaths are rising in Wisconsin. Last month, 66 people died in car crashes, representing an increase by three from the same month last year. The increase in traffic deaths is particularly unfortunate considering the improvements in car safety and road safety over the years. Experts blame the increase in traffic deaths on distracted driving, impaired driving and failure to wear seat belts.

Due to the increase in traffic fatalities, Wisconsin police are making a stronger effort than ever to enforce intoxicated driving and distracted driving laws. That means that police are eager to pull over anyone who appears like he or she might be intoxicated behind the wheel. They will also pull over those who appear to be texting while driving or using their social media accounts while they're driving.

As a part of this process, Wisconsin will be participating in the annual Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. This law enforcement campaign targets intoxicated drivers and it goes from mid-August to Labor Day.


Police have arrested and accused a woman of drunk driving after she drove into a tent full of people. The collision resulted in seven people inside the tent suffering injuries. The tent was located at a campground in River of Lakes in Grant County, where the accident happened late on a recent Saturday night.

The Grant County Sheriff's Office alleges that the 32-year-old woman who crashed into the tent was inebriated when the accident happened at approximately 10 p.m. Allegedly, she lost control of her sport utility vehicle while trying to maneuver a left-hand turn along campground road while driving through the camping area. Police say that the woman drove into the tent, and then backed over the tent another time.

Four of the injured people inside the tent were taken to Crossing River Hospital in Prairie Du Chien. Three were taken to Grant Regional Hospital in Lancaster. The extent of the injuries are unknown. Fortunately, as of last reports, all of the victims survived.


In Wood County, Wisconsin, the rules used to state that someone who had been picked up for drunk driving had to stay behind bars for at least 12 hours. Obviously, it could be longer if there were other charges, but simple DUI arrests meant 12 hours in jail to sober up.

Not anymore. Now, police are able to let drivers go before the 12-hour mark if they have a responsible adult who can take care of them.

For example, a 21-year-old college student who was picked up on DUI charges could be released to his or her parents.


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You did drink a little bit before getting behind the wheel. You had a glass of wine with dinner. However, it was just one glass, you never even felt buzzed, and you ate an entire meal. You didn't think you were impaired and assumed your Blood Alcohol Concentration was pretty close to zero.

However, when the police pulled you over for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, you told the officer you'd had a drink. You wanted to be honest and didn't think you were drunk, not by a long shot. The officer asked to do a breath test, and you agreed to it, figuring it was the fastest way to get done and on your way home.

Then you blew a 0.09.

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