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Citizens are pushing back against anti-marijuana laws

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Drug Charges

The question of marijuana is one of the hot topics across the country, and Wisconsin isn't an exception. In fact, Eau Claire recently set a $1 fine for marijuana possession in the city. The city council members there hope to send a message to lawmakers that marijuana isn't worth the priority status it has been given.

Prior to passing the law, the fines for possession ranged from $100 to $500. The new $1 fine is only applicable to first-time offenders who have 25 grams or less. They will still have to pay court fees, so the total will be $138 for a person who is arrested there for their first time facing this crime.

Despite the push from some cities and counties, marijuana for recreational use remains illegal in this state. Possession of marijuana is punished as a misdemeanor for a first offense. It carries a fine of up to $1,000 and up to six months in jail. Offenses after the first one are charged as felonies.

It is also illegal to sell this drug here. Any charge related to selling marijuana is classified as a felony. The only exception to this is when a physician or pharmacy dispenses cannabidiol that meets specific requirements as set forth by law.

Anyone who is facing marijuana charges should find out what penalties they are facing in that jurisdiction. This might help you determine how you are going to proceed with your defense. You have to think about the court-imposed penalties but don't forget about the social and other life consequences you are going to face if you are convicted.

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