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Dealing with False Accusations of Domestic Violence

 Posted on May 30, 2024 in Violent crimes

WI defense lawyerIt can be extremely stressful having the police show up at your home suspecting you of domestic violence. There are countless reasons why someone might make false accusations about something so serious. They might be mad at you and hope to punish you, they might think it could help them later on in a future divorce settlement if it seems like you were abusive, and they might even be an abuser themself and hope that pretending instead to be a victim can help them get out of trouble. Regardless, false accusations can have severe consequences and criminal charges. If you are facing false accusations of domestic abuse, speak with an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney who can fight hard for your rights.

What Should You Do?

In America, we like to say that we consider everyone innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, it becomes harder to do when someone is accused of a serious crime. Even without any background information or more extensive knowledge, the very fact that you have been accused can be enough for many people to judge you as if it has been proven beyond all doubt that you committed domestic violence.

Beyond your reputation, there can be severe legal implications. In the state of Illinois, law enforcement officers take accusations of domestic violence very seriously and act quickly to avoid any further harm. You might be issued a restraining order - officially referred to as an order of protection - that can demand you stay away from certain people, including your own children, and certain places, including your home.

If that happens, regardless of how phony the accusations are, make sure to abide by any regulations handed to you. Generally, orders of protection demand that you avoid all contact with the alleged victim, but if you have been falsely accused, your accuser might feel guilty and try to apologize to you for all the trouble they have put you through. Make sure not to let them speak to you or come to wherever you are staying. If you are found to be violating an order of protection, even if it is because the accuser is the one making that happen, you can end up in even more legal trouble.

Last, the police might question you about the accusation. Even if you know you are innocent and have not done anything that could be considered domestic abuse, make sure to have a lawyer present with you any time you have any interactions with the police. They may treat you well and try to convince you that they want to get this resolved quickly, but it is important to have legal representation there with you making sure you are not accidentally incriminating yourself and falling into any traps.

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If you are falsely accused of domestic violence, one of the smartest things you can do is contact a qualified Milwaukee, WI defense attorney. We at Bucher, Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP pride ourselves on building strong defenses to protect our clients regardless of the charges. Call us at 262-232-6699 so we can begin working on yours.

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