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Federal LSD drug laws and punishments

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Drug Charges

The psychedelic drug LSD (d-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) is illegal throughout the United States. Under federal drug laws, LSD is classified as a Schedule I narcotic, meaning that an LSD-related conviction will come with the severest punishments on par with those associated with heroin.

Because the federal government has classified LSD as one of the most dangerous kinds of drugs, a first-time conviction for the least serious LSD possession offense will be punished with a minimum of $1,000 in fines and a maximum of three years in prison.

LSD sales convictions will be punished based on the amount of LSD involved and the number of previous convictions. Even with a first-offense LSD sales conviction of less than 10 grams, the offense could result in a five- to 40-year sentence and fines as high as $2 million. If more LSD or a second offense is involved, it's difficult to believe, but someone could easily face a lifetime conviction for a nonviolent LSD conviction.

Considering the fierceness of LSD penalties, it's surprising to find that approximately 9 percent of the U.S. population above the age of 12 admits to taking LSD at least one time in their lives. The average user of LSD is male, white and between the ages of 18 and 22. This user probably lives in the Western part of the United States and has educated parents and upper-middle-class parents.

Were you charged with an LSD offense? This is a serious criminal charge as a conviction could lead to a long time in jail. As such, you may want to speak with a criminal defense lawyer about your legal rights and options.

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