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Habitual Traffic Offender Law in Wisconsin

 Posted on February 21, 2024 in Criminal Defense

 Oconomowoc criminal defense lawyerWisconsin instituted the Habitual Traffic Offender law to protect the public and other drivers from motorists who fail to consider the safety of others while out on the road. Motorists who demonstrate a lack of care for the safety of others, such as drunk drivers, distracted drivers, and other traffic offenses, are deemed habitual traffic offenders and could see their license revoked for a lengthy duration. To help preserve your driving privileges in the wake of being considered a habitual traffic offender, consult a criminal defense attorney experienced in such matters.

How The Habitual Traffic Offender Law Works

The Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles tracks all traffic violations of Wisconsin driver’s license holders whether they are committed in or out of state. Drivers who do not have a Wisconsin driver’s license but who have been convicted of traffic offenses within state lines are also kept an eye on. The qualifications for a habitual traffic offender include the following:

  • 12 or more traffic violation convictions in Wisconsin within five years
  • Four or more major traffic violation convictions in Wisconsin within five years
  • A combination of 12 or more traffic violation convictions, minor or major, in the state of Wisconsin within five years

A List of Possible Violations

Many traffic violations exist in Wisconsin that, when convicted, will accumulate toward becoming habitual traffic offenders in the eyes of the state. Minor traffic violations include:

  • Speeding excessively
  • Passing vehicles illegally (overtaking a vehicle on the left)
  • Failing to obey a sign or signal
  • Failing to report an accident

Major traffic violations include:

  • Giving chase from law enforcement
  • Driving recklessly
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
  • Vehicular homicide

Revocation Hearings

After a driver has accumulated enough violation convictions to be deemed a habitual traffic offender, their Wisconsin driver’s license is immediately revoked, and a notice of the revocation will be received by mail. The driver will be eligible for an occupational license for two years after the revocation. For a license with full driving privileges, the convicted habitual traffic offender may be required to go through the entire driver’s license process all over again.

Contact an Oconomowoc, WI Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing license revocation due to too many traffic violation convictions? Perhaps you are facing traffic offense charges and looking to avoid taking the path that would see you becoming a habitual traffic offender. In either case, contact an experienced Pewaukee, WI traffic violations defense lawyer from Bucher, Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP. We will help preserve your driving privileges while safeguarding your rights during any traffic offenses you may be facing. Contact our office for a free consultation at 262-232-6699.

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