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How to avoid getting arrested for drunk driving

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in OWI

The best way to handle a drunk driving charge in Wisconsin is to avoid getting arrested in the first place. Aside from becoming a teetotaler and refraining from drinking completely, there are a few precautions that every Wisconsin driver should make if he or she wants to prevent getting hit with this very serious criminal charge.

Here are a few tips from State Farm Insurance, which will prevent you from getting arrested and charged with a DUI:

  • Select a designated driver for the night. This person will be your sober buddy who will make sure you get home safely without needing to drive drunk.
  • Ask someone to give you a ride. If you're too drunk to drive, don't be shy to ask a sober friend to give you a lift. Most people will be happy to oblige.
  • Take keys away from drunk people. If someone is intoxicated at a party, don't be shy to take the person's keys away from him or her. Even though the person might react negatively, think of it this way: You could be saving a friend's life.
  • Offer your guests water, juice, coffee and soda. Never pressure people at your party to drink alcohol.
  • Offer lots of food. This will reduce the intoxicating effects of alcohol.
  • Organize alternate transportation. Offer transportation to all guests at your party to ensure they have a safe way of getting home.

There are many more excellent tips that will keep the guests at your party safe. Be sure, most importantly, to use common sense. Furthermore, if you do find yourself arrested and charged with impaired driving -- whether you were intoxicated or not -- don't be shy to reach out for legal assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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