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How to Improve Your Chances in a Contested Child Custody Case

 Posted on June 28, 2021 in Family Law

Waukesha County family lawyerA Wisconsin divorce becomes even more stressful when there are children involved, especially if you and your spouse strongly disagree about what is best for them. The idea of losing custody of your children is devastating to even think about. Although navigating through a custody battle may not always be easy, you can take steps to increase your chances of a positive outcome.

Tips For Securing Custody of Your Children

In order to achieve the best possible result in your custody case, you must prove to the court that you are responsible and a good role model to your kids. Here are a few tips to help you maintain custody.

  • Make your children a top priority. Wisconsin courts prioritize a child’s best interests when making custody decisions. You should do everything you can to demonstrate your commitment as a parent. Always arrive on time for visits and be there to support your children.

  • Provide a safe and comfortable living situation. If you have moved out of the family home during the divorce process, you should consider the suitability of your new residence for your kids. Whether it is a house or apartment, the new place should be in a safe area and have a designated space for your children.

  • Use social media wisely. If you still want to use Facebook and other social media sites during your child custody battle, be careful about what you post. Even a seemingly innocent photo of you at a bar may bring your parenting skills into question. If you do not feel comfortable about a judge seeing your post, you should not post it at all.

  • Avoid jumping into a new relationship too soon. After a divorce, you may be anxious to start dating again. However, if you bring in a new romantic partner too soon, it may upset your kids and reflect poorly on you as a parent.

  • Hire an experienced lawyer. A child custody battle is not something you want to go through on your own. To improve your chances of a successful outcome, it is crucial to have a Wisconsin child custody attorney on your side. Your lawyer will help you protect your legal rights throughout the resolution of your case.

Contact a Waukesha, WI Child Custody Lawyer

If you need assistance with your child custody matter, our Muskego, WI family law attorneys can help. At Bucher, Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP, we know how intimidating a custody battle can be, and we can help you make it more manageable. Call us today at 262-232-6699 to schedule a free consultation.



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