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Man accused of criminal charges after high speed police chase

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Police in Glendale say that they arrested a man who tried to flee from them while driving drunk. The man allegedly inspired a high-speed car chase that resulted in a fiery vehicle accident. Following the collision, authorities arrested the man and charged him with operating while intoxicated (OWI) causing injury, reckless endangerment, eluding police and other criminal charges.

Police say that the man was already out on bail for another drunk driving offense in Crawford County and that case is still pending. Due to the already-pending charges, the judge set the man's bail at $10,000. When setting the bail, the judge said, "You were already out on bail on another matter for similar conduct, drinking and driving ... then you go out and do it again?"

The pending drunk driving charges happened not two months ago. In addition, the man has drunk driving convictions on his criminal record, including an OWI from 2015 and an OWI with cocaine possession from 2010.

The arrest and car chase happened when police tried to pull over an allegedly road-raging driver. Police received reports that the driver tried to swerve into another car and strike it. Later, police received complaints that the motorist was running through red lights and hitting traffic signs. Police tried to pull the man over, but he sped away down Interstate 43, and a high-speed car chase ensued. After crashing his car into a pole, and after his car erupted into flames, the man allegedly ran away on foot. Police soon caught up with him.

Based on the information reported in the news, this man's case appears dire. However, no matter the allegations and no matter the evidence, all accused drivers will have the ability to defend against their criminal charges in court.

Source:, "Fiery drunk driving crash suspect was out on bond from prior OWI," Katie Crowther, Nov. 20, 2017

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