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Marijuana acceptance continues to rise in Wisconsin

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Politicians in Wisconsin have shown signs of supporting legal marijuana. For example, a high percentage of Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls have recently come out in support of legal marijuana. Also, the Wisconsin legislature may place a ban on marijuana testing by employers.

Perhaps the fact that politicians are supporting legal pot is a reflection of a 2016 poll revealing that 59 percent of Wisconsin residents support legalizing marijuana. If current trends continue, it's likely the more residents will accept and support legalizing the recreational use of

marijuana as the years go by.

Wisconsin legislature could ban marijuana drug testing at jobs

According to a National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) activist in southeast Wisconsin, "No one should have to worry about losing their job for recreational cannabis use . . . We strongly believe that no one should be penalized at work for what they do in their free time," the man said.

At least one state lawmaker agrees. Rep. David Bowen said he supports a bill that -- if passed into law -- would prevent employers from testing for THC, the active chemical in marijuana. The bill would prevent marijuana urine tests on employees in the state, except for employees who operate heavy machinery as a part of their jobs. The lawmaker said that he does not feel people should face criticism or lost job opportunities because of a small amount of recreational marijuana use.

Failing an employment-related drug test "can make a skilled and responsible worker unemployable, sending them into a downward spiral of poverty," the representative said. The representative is most distressed by the fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol when used for recreational purposes. Nevertheless, individuals are being criminalized, stigmatized and have their economic security ruined because of it.

Marijuana is still illegal in Wisconsin

Although Wisconsin has an extremely limited medical marijuana program, the drug continues to be illegal for recreational and even most medical uses. Even though public opinion is slowly changing in the state, Wisconsin residents need to remember that they could find themselves in trouble for marijuana possession if authorities find them with the drug on their persons or in their vehicles or homes.

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