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Opioid addiction takes years to disappear

Posted on in Drug Charges

After the brain gets addicted to an opioid medication, it can take as long as two years for it to fully recover once the abuse of the drug stops. However, the first 90 days of recovery tend to be the most critical to ensure that the individual stays sober.

According to a leading addiction expert, creating a solid foundation of sobriety takes time and diligence. For this reason, anyone who tries to stop taking an addictive substance is encouraged to have 90 days of contact with a professional addiction therapist by way of an intensive outpatient program or a partial hospitalization program.

Experts don't know a lot about why it takes 90 days to get past the most difficult time and they don't know why it can take two years to fully heal. They just know that the process takes this amount of time with most people.

In most modern addiction treatment scenarios, therapists and recovery experts evaluate the mental health needs of the patient as well as his or her unique addiction issues. In this regard, untreated mental disorders tend to be addressed in addition to the medical aspects of addiction recovery. Patients commonly start with detox, then they receive in-patient rehab. Next, patients live in supportive housing, receive psychotherapy, take appropriate medications and go to group therapy. Part of the therapy should stress impulse control, which assists patients in controlling the impulsive thoughts that lead them to take more addictive substances.

Many people who suffer from addictions to opiates do not seek help until after they have been arrested and accused of a crime. If you're currently facing charges related to illegal pharmaceutical drugs, you may way to consider your criminal defense carefully and try to avoid serious punishments in the event of a conviction.

Source:, "Addiction's Doorstep: A Special Report on Wisconsin's Opioid Epidemic," Scott Anderson, Oct. 24, 2017

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