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Set transportation plans for New Year's Eve now

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With New Year's Eve less than a week away, right now is the time to make plans for transportation if you are heading out to enjoy some drinks to ring in 2019. Wisconsin is in the middle of the holiday Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. This campaign includes 25 task forces that encompass more than 100 law enforcement agencies in this state. Around 300 drug recognition experts are part of the program, and approximately 3,800 officers have been trained on Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement.

One thing to remember is that if you are heading into Milwaukee for the festivities, you can count on free rides on Milwaukee County Transit buses. Miller Brewing is continuing the 31-year tradition of providing these to help people make it home safely. Some local taverns also have options for free transportation to get partygoers home safe. These are done through the Tavern League of Wisconsin's Safe Ride.

You have to put your own safety first this holiday season. There is a chance that you might get into an accident if you try to drive home after drinking a bit. On top of that, you may be pulled over and face the possibility of starting the new year off locked in a jail cell. Whether you use a free program, a ride-sharing service, a designated driver or some other method, at least you have the peace of mind knowing that you aren't going to face drunk driving charges.

If something happens and you do end up facing charges, make sure you evaluate the options you have. You also need to keep your rights in mind from the time you are pulled over through the final outcome of your case.

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