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Sharing your prescription drugs at work is a bad idea

Posted on in Drug Charges

It's difficult to watch a co-worker suffer through a workday in pain. You might be tempted to alleviate his or her discomfort by giving your co-worker one of the pain medications you take for your bum knee; however, it would be a very bad idea and it could get you in serious trouble with the law.

Imagine your co-worker got stopped by the police on the way home from work -- perhaps because he or she took too many of the Vicodin you gave him or her. The police might decide to arrest him or her for intoxicated driving, and if they find your Vicodin, they'll want to know who gave them to him or her. Furthermore, if your friend gets into a serious car accident, gets injured or causes injury to others, you could be financially and criminally responsible for the crash.

There are more reasons -- aside from criminal and civil liabilities -- that should dissuade the average Wisconsin resident from sharing drugs with co-workers. Most importantly, it could result in you getting fired from your job. Most employers do not look favorably on employees who share drugs with co-workers at work, and for obvious reasons. Any pharmaceutical drugs possessed by someone who doesn't have a prescription is a violation of federal law.

Did you get in trouble with the law because you shared your prescription drugs with a friend or co-worker? Or did you get in trouble with the law because you borrowed someone else's prescription drugs without permission from your doctor? You may want to contract the services of a Wisconsin criminal defense attorney to try to get your charges dropped or dismissed -- or to seek a reduction in punishments if conviction is likely.

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