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Waukesha, WI criminal defense attorney weapons charges

When our government was created, the Founding Fathers’ intention was to limit the amount of power that any one person or group of people could have, which is why there are certain things that the federal government does not regulate, such as licensing drivers or certain aspects of gun ownership. While there are federal gun laws that citizens of all states must abide by, each state is also responsible for creating and enforcing its own firearm regulations. The state of Wisconsin tends to be more of a firearm-friendly state and has somewhat less strict laws than other states. However, violating firearm possession laws can lead to serious consequences if you find yourself facing criminal charges.

Open Carry Laws and Limitations

All states are different when it comes to carrying firearms in public. Some states may require you to obtain a permit simply just to purchase and/or carry your firearm. Like other states, Wisconsin is an open carry state, meaning anyone who is over the age of 18 and is legally permitted to possess a firearm can carry one in public as long as it is not concealed. There are limitations to that rule, however. You are prohibited from openly carrying a firearm in the following places in Wisconsin:


Waukesha gun charges defense attorney

Since the United States was founded, citizens have always had the right to own and possess firearms. Although this right is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, there are certain restrictions that can limit some people from having a firearm or carrying a concealed weapon. Both the state of Wisconsin and the federal government have laws pertaining to eligibility for owning or possessing a firearm or legally carrying a concealed weapon. Citizens of Wisconsin are not only subject to Wisconsin laws involving firearms, but also federal laws. Violating these requirements can result in serious charges that can carry harsh penalties.

Eligibility For a CCW License

Wisconsin is one of the states that does not mandate its residents to have any type of permit or license to own or possess a firearm. While you can own a firearm without any additional state requirements, there are obligations that you must meet if you want to get a concealed carry weapon (CCW) license, which is necessary to legally carry a concealed weapon in the state of Wisconsin. To be eligible for a CCW license, you must:

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