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The difference between petty theft and grand theft

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Criminal Defense

There are people all over who make the decision to commit a crime. While some are able to get away with the wrong they have done, not all of them can say they have been successful. Being charged with a theft or property crime like shoplifting or burglary can have a negative effect on your life. However, depending on how the crime is classified, the consequences may not be as harsh as some people believe.

Taking something that does not belong to you is what makes it a crime. A theft crime is typically categorized as petty or grand. When courts are determining which category a crime should fall into, they will consider various things, including the kind of property that was stolen and how much it was worth.

In many states, when a crime is considered petty, the property that was stolen is not valued above a certain amount. For example, if a bracelet was less than $1000, the courts may decide that it was a petty crime. When a crime is considered grand, the value of the item or items stolen exceeds that of a petty crime. These two crimes also differ because one is usually considered a misdemeanor, and the other is considered a felony.

When a crime is committed, and a person is caught, they cannot be sure what will happen. Whether your theft was petty or grand, the person you stole from, and the courts, will want you to be held responsible for your actions. By getting help from an attorney, you may be able to avoid a harsh sentence and get a second chance.

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