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The very real dangers of fentanyl

Posted on in Drug Charges

Nobody knew about fentanyl until fairly recently, but now this extremely potent synthetic opioid -- which is 10 times stronger than heroin -- can be found on the news nearly every day in the United States. This drug has been responsible for numerous overdose deaths every year in Wisconsin. The death beloved pop star Prince was even blamed on this potent narcotic.

Fentanyl was created by doctors as a strong painkiller. Its effects aren't that different from heroin, however, so it eventually found its way into the hands of black market dealers who find the drug easy to transport and distribute due to its potent nature. You don't need very much fentanyl to give the same level of effect that you receive from heroin, so heroin is also getting spiked with fentanyl to save drug dealers money and churn more profit.

The problem happens when users who aren't familiar with fentanyl or don't know that their heroin contains fentanyl end up taking this powerful drug unknowingly. Overdoses can happen easily, and that's why catastrophic accidents occur. It's also Wisconsin authorities are trying to crack down on this narcotic.

The problem is, for people who are addicted to fentanyl, heroin and other opioids, it's nearly impossible to quit without professional assistance. Even then, getting help from a pro might not be enough to curb such a difficult addiction.

To make matters worse, some individuals get arrested and accused of crimes relating to these high schedule drugs and the penalties can result in many years spent behind bars. If you've been accused of a heroin-related crime, you need to take your criminal defense seriously. There may be some legal strategies that you can employ in order to improve your situation, reduce your punishments and in some cases, get your charges dropped or dismissed.

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