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What Does a Parenting Plan Address in a Wisconsin Divorce?

 Posted on August 27, 2020 in Parenting

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One of the biggest fears that parents have when ending their marriage is how divorce will affect their children. Fortunately, most children whose parents get divorced grow up to be happy, successful, and well-adjusted adults. Studies have shown that children of divorce are relatively unaffected by the event as long as they are exposed to marital conflict as little as possible. In order to promote cooperation, Wisconsin courts require parents to attend mediation to try to create a parenting plan before appearing before a judge. If mediation fails or would be inappropriate, then you will need to go to court, where a judge will determine a parenting plan for you. However, if you and your co-parent are able to negotiate a plan among yourselves, this is even more beneficial.

Elements of a Parenting Plan

Every couple that is getting a divorce and has a minor child in the state of Wisconsin is required to file a parenting plan with the court and have it approved by the judge prior to the divorce being finalized. A parenting plan is a legal document that outlines all of the parental duties that each spouse has, especially in regard to legal custody and parenting time (visitation). Other things that should be included in a parenting plan can be information such as:

  • The wishes of the child’s parents

  • The wishes of the child, taking into account the child’s age

  • The interactions between the child and his or her parents, siblings, and other important people

  • The amount and quality of time that each parent spends with the child

  • The child’s adjustment to the custodial parent’s home, school, community, and/or religion

  • The age of the child

  • The child’s educational and developmental needs throughout his or her childhood

  • Whether any person in the child’s custodial household poses a risk to the child’s well-being

  • The availability of both public and private childcare services

  • The degree to which each spouse is willing to cooperating with one another

  • The degree to which each spouse is willing to support the other spouse’s relationship with the child

  • Whether or not either party engaged in abuse or interspousal battery

  • Whether or not there is evidence of either spouse having a drug or alcohol addiction 

Contact a Waukesha County Divorce Lawyer

If you are a parent and you are planning on getting a divorce in Wisconsin, you will have to work with your spouse to try to come up with an arrangement that you both agree on. If you are unable to reach an agreement on your own or even with the help of a mediator, you will then have to take your case to court. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation with a knowledgeable Menomonee Falls divorce attorney, call our office today at 262-232-6699.




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