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What Not To Do During a Divorce

 Posted on December 11, 2023 in Divorce

Waukesha County divorce lawyerdivorce is a challenging experience for all parties involved and can wreak havoc on other aspects of your life if you let it. The life adjustments required to get through proceedings relatively unscathed, the complex emotions involved, and all of the legal obstacles can create a whole host of complications. It is not likely you can avoid all of the difficulties involved, but having an experienced attorney by your side to help understand what you should avoid doing during this period can make the entire process that much smoother.

Never React Impulsively

Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster with many obstacles to overcome. Avoid lashing out or acting impulsively unless you want to create additional complications with long-reaching consequences. Being aggressive, impulsive, or irrational can only serve to complicate the divorce process, which could lead to additional expenses and stress. Try focusing on being level-headed in your approach to negotiation and disputes. If necessary, seek out family, friends, and other professionals to support your emotions.

Do Not Neglect Your Needs

The emotional and physical drain that a divorce can bring may have you forgetting to prioritize self-care during proceedings. You should never neglect your well-being as it could hinder your decision-making and effective coping abilities.

Instead, try doing things that make you happy or bring you clarity. Ensure you are surrounded with positivity in your daily life to outweigh the negative energy coming from your divorce situation.

You Should Not Avoid Effective Communication

Maintain effective and open communication with your soon-to-be ex-partner during a divorce and avoid complications that may lead to unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings. Whatever method of communication works best for both parties can be the key to facilitating a more amicable divorce. Non-adversarial couples may benefit from face-to-face encounters and interactions, whereas high-conflict spouses may find it more tolerable to stick to text communication.

Disregarding Legal Advice is a Bad Idea

A divorce is far too complex a procedure to ignore the advice of your legal representation. It involves a complex web of legal procedures, documentation, and financial considerations. Failure to follow your attorney’s recommendation can have severe consequences. Protect your rights and interests by communicating with your lawyer and asking questions as necessary. Understand that their experience in these legal matters is a boon to your trial.

Keep Your Children Out of Your Squabbles

Keep your ire toward your spouse separate from your children. They do not need to see your emotional conflicts and outbursts regarding your future ex-partner. It is also not their fault the divorce is taking place. Instead, you should be shielding your children from the negativity that surrounds the entire divorce process. Reassure them that everything will be okay in the future and prioritize their best interests. Parents who can effectively co-parent can promote consistency and stability for their children.

Do Not Try to Win Every Dispute

Going into a divorce, you must understand that you will not win every dispute. To move proceedings along will require compromise and a willingness to do what is best for your children. Pick your battles wisely and try not to take a “win-lose” approach to your divorce. Decide what it is you truly want out of the divorce and focus on the things that really matter.

Do Contact a Waukesha County, WI Divorce Attorney

For help with your divorce proceedings, contact an experienced Pewaukee, WI divorce lawyer from the office of Bucher, Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP. We can assist in preserving your rights and interests throughout the entire process. Call the office at 262-232-6699 for a free consultation and candid discussion on how best to approach your legal dealings.

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