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When does assault turn into aggravated assault?

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Weapons crimes are not crimes that states take lightly. People are often hurt when a person has been accused of committing weapons crimes, and there is often a harsh punishment if there is a conviction. In some cases, the crime is even escalated to a more serious crime. One example of this is when an assault charge is turned into aggravated assault.

The following factors will determine if assault should be considered aggravated assault:

  • Status of the assaulted party.
  • Intent of the person who committed the assault.
  • Presence and use of a weapon during the assault.
  • Degree of injury that has been caused to the assaulted party.

This is a serious charge and you may face severe consequences if convicted. When a person has been accused of aggravated assault, there is a chance that the crime will be considered a felony. In this case, the consequences for the crime could be harsh. However, depending on the degree of the assault, it is possible that the crime will be considered a misdemeanor and will carry a lesser sentence.

As with any crime, you are innocent until you are proven guilty. Whether you have committed the crime you are accused of, or you are innocent, you have the right to fight aggravated assault charges and any weapons charges you are facing. If you have been accused of an aggravated assault or other weapons crime, it could be beneficial to seek assistance from an attorney in your area. They may be able to help you win your case and avoid any punishment for the crimes you may or may not have committed.

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