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Which drug leads to the most arrests in Wisconsin?

Posted on in Drug Charges

Studies have been carried out to see which drugs are used most commonly across the United States, with results giving some indication of which drugs are most likely to lead to an arrest. In Wisconsin, it turns out that drug treatment centers most often deal with marijuana.

This is a common theme. Marijuana is also most common in Wyoming, Washington, Virginia, Texas, South Dakota, South Carolina, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, North Dakota, North Carolina, Montana, Missouri, Mississippi, Minnesota, Michigan, Louisiana, Kansas, Iowa, Indiana, Idaho, Hawaii, Florida, Colorado, Arkansas, Alaska and Alabama.

The second most-common drug listed by treatment centers was cocaine. This too was common, as cocaine often ended up second on the list. It never topped that list, but did show very high usage levels all across the United States. The closest it got to the top was in Washington, D.C., though it was tied with heroin.

Another common drug, which wasn't used as often in Wisconsin, was methamphetamine. This doesn't mean it isn't used of that arrests aren't made, but it was No. 1 in states like Utah, Nevada, and Nebraska.

If you're facing drug charges, the drug involved makes a huge difference in the ramifications. For instance, marijuana possession in Wisconsin is simply a misdemeanor. You could get six months in jail and/or a fine that will not exceed $1,000. If you are convicted a second time, though, it then becomes a class 1 felony. Charges for heroin possession, however, start as a class 1 felony.

No matter what charges you're facing, it's important to know your legal defense options.

Source: Mic, "Which Drug is Your State Most Addicted To?," Laura Dimon, accessed July 21, 2017

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