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You Can Deal with Divorce in a Healthy Way - Here is How

 Posted on September 19, 2022 in Family Law

Waukesha Divorce LawyersDivorce - despite being incredibly common, it is still a word that carries an enormous amount of stigma and weight. People who are going through divorce often feel as though the burden of the legal negotiations, scheduling chaos, and the societal implications of divorce leave them very little energy or resources for their own well-being. 

Fortunately, the divorce process in Wisconsin has mostly changed from being an adversarial endeavor to one that is more focused on seeking resolution and reducing conflict. In addition, therapy for divorce has made enormous strides and divorcees are finding it easier than ever to get the mental support they need as they go through this difficult process. With the help of a great Wisconsin divorce attorney and these tips for handling divorce in a healthy way, you can make it to the other side and thrive. 

Take it Easy on Yourself

Divorce can easily feel like a failure. Your relationship has ended, for sure - but that does not necessarily mean getting divorced is and of itself a failure. Instead, remind yourself that not everything we do works out - in fact, most things do not - and that, while marriage is bigger than learning to play an instrument or starting a new job, nobody is an expert at being married. Getting divorced may really be the right choice. Try to forgive yourself for your own missteps while committing to learn from your experiences. 

Find Your Support System

One of the inevitable drawbacks (or perhaps benefits) of divorce is that you have an opportunity to see who your real friends are. Losing some shared friends is natural, but you should have a team of people who are willing to support you and help you process the change and loss without making you feel blame or shame about it. 

Seek Divorce Counseling

No matter how good your friends are, they cannot be a neutral repository for processing every feeling you have during your divorce. Seeking a divorce therapist who specializes in helping adults process divorce can be enormously helpful as you explore your feelings and try to make sense out of everything. A therapist can teach you tools to regulate your emotions more effectively, help you seek a more useful perspective, or simply give you a safe place to vent. 

Hire a Great a Brookfield, WI Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be ugly, but you do not have to succumb to every emotional high and low. Instead, work with an experienced Waukesha County divorce attorney at Bucher, Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP who will handle the legal aspects of your divorce so you can focus on your mental health. We strive to make divorce as predictable, smooth, and low-conflict as possible. Call us today at 262-232-6699 to schedule a free consultation. 


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